Don’t you think it is really odd that one reminds me the other…

House and Garden

House and Garden

And I immediately thought of this… My favorite chair in the showroom. It is so comfortable it makes me feel safe and secure anytime I sit down with a cup of coffee chocolate whip…


Coffee and chocolate whip
50 gr bitter chocolate 60% at least
A cup of nice strong espresso or same size strong filter coffee
1/3 mug milk
1/3 mug hot water
Put everything in a giant mug and microwave for one and half minutes.
Whip with that little milk frothing gadget if you don’t have a complicated coffee machine…
Sugar is optional.

SSSSSHHHHHH! Don’t give me away but my secret is a dash of Hazelnut liquor. A teaspoon maybe?


PS: If you wish visit our showroom virtually or literally  here we are


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