I am back!
With lot’s of travel and foodie stories, and pictures to share… Western Australia was slightly different then I have expected… Maybe I should see more of the Ozz before I decide how I feel about it.
Visiting the South African West Coast every new year (almost )became an habit now. And it is as amazing every single time..
The very private “Oyster Festival” in George, South Coast was the highlight of the all holiday I must say…
Now it’s time to work… To work hard until I feel like going again…


Really does not matter where…

Anywhere, off the pictures, would do…


Wandering around the city and stopping by at a little café to have a boozy hot chocolate to fight the cold…

Bozcaada, Off Dardanel Having a beautifully succulent Kid lunch with the most well done homemade wine I ever tasted..

Washing off the sweat of the day with a glass or two of the incredibly delicious Martinis in one of the posh Bund Street Roof Top bars.. Shanghai

Escaping from the rain to taste the 5 variations of Nasi Goreng and finding out “Bebek” which means baby in Turkish, means duck in Indonesian…

Out of Ubud, Bali

Experiencing 50 shades of everything, especially  of blue…

Azanzi, North of Zanzibar

Anyway I should not cry this much… I am packing my suit case on Sunday for my first Aussie trip…

I am going…

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  1. Beautiful place 🙂

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