“my girlfriend, she is Turkish you know, she bakes the best scones…”

Oh my sweetheart!

DSCF0960 (2)

I tried couple of different recipes in the past, with eggs-without eggs, with melted butter or vegetable oil, with milk or buttermilk etc. They all tasted OK to me… But my absolute favorite was the Snowflake Scone Mix which you mix with eggs, milk and vegetable oil. Then the famous trick “don’t over work the dough”.

Et voila…

He knows I am cheating and still happy with the result…

I have no regrets! No more confessions to make!


He asks for scones, in 20 minutes he has scones… With double cream and home made (no cheating on this!) strawberry jam.


I am a Turkish girl living in South Africa and keeping my English man happy…


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Glynis says:

    Craving a scone right now!!

  2. My favorite meal of the day!
    Jessica, Turquoise Compass

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