FP0_6469 (1280x839)Picture taken 31st of Dec last year at Viv&Ralph’s Clifton residence… What a great new year party that was…

An amazingly easy lunch ready in minutes or a fresh starter to your dinner… Usually in our household a most welcome part of our Friday evening Tapas Dinners. Or simply lay them on a bed of rocket to create a little difference in the salad department.

018 My wild rocket and Italian Thai cross basil flowering, a picture from last season…

Simply marinade your slices of Melon with olive oil, little sea salt, lot’s of black pepper and a handful of thorn basil for couple of minutes. Delicious! 

DENIZ 100MARCHÉ AUX FLEURS, COURS SALEYA, NICE (photo taken by Deniz Veral)

 Then you add beautiful Parma Ham to this picture and that’s even more delicious and “le dejeuner est servi!!!” as French says. Or we say “the lunch is served!”

                                 FP0_6467 (1280x807)

OK, maybe you need some fresh French baguette, a very ripe brie and a good Chardonnay to complete the lunch… Up to your appetite and imagination…



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  1. i*Kan says:

    This certainly is worth a try! 🙂

    1. please let me know if you like it… 🙂

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