28112010062_editedI started life as a fussy eater.
Every single friend of my parents has a recollection of the very thin blond little girl trotting around followed by a family member carrying a spoonful of something, trying to feed her.
I was also very famous of saving some food on the very back of my mouth hoping to fool my mom that I ate all my dinner (this little habit proved to be very bad for my mouth hygiene, I suffered of toothaches and gum infections very often in my youth).
Tapping on every bodies nerves with my tantrums and fights to skip the breakfast, lunch and dinner every day I had one big exception. One ingredient that I could eat in large quantities and replace every course with no fuss whatsoever…
PRAWNS!Beyoglu Fish Market

Give me a mountain of any crustacean today I will devour but by then it was only prawns…

A bowlful of pink delights simply boiled with vinegar and salt. I would peel and pop them in to my mouth as fast as I can before my mom decides the body mass of her little girl and the amount of the prawns she consumes is not so proportionate.


Nowadays my way of consuming prawns is slightly more sophisticated.


Or at least I like to think that way. for the recipe of the Thai Marinated Prawns.

Next recipe will be Baked Kob On a Bed of Prawn and Fennel.

Stay tune!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. LFFL says:

    Eww, I’m not a prawn-eater but nice photo shots.

    1. Thanks and sorry… will post something else for you soon 🙂

  2. Glynis says:

    It all looks so divine! Love prawns too!

    1. Will have some in few hours my friend!

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