I told you that while enjoying fabulous breakfast cooked by Viv I was making plans for the lunch and dinner… If you want to read the start of the story it’s here: camping-in-the-wild-mamili-part-1/

Chorizo,onion, green pepper, pitted black olives, tin of whole tomato (of course San Marzano), ripe  tomatoes,  garlic,  green chili,olive oil, butter, oregano white wine, salt and pepper, that’s what I packed for lunch. And as a last minute thought I quickly slid a slab of chocolate to the cooler box.

While I was packing up for lunch Francis and Ralph quickly tidied up the camp site.

DSC_0033Because of this pack of baboon as our neighbors one never ever can leave anything edible behind even in the tent. These little guys are a match for most talented thieves of any African city..

Once we were packed and ready we started our very private game drive. We had a rough idea about where we wanted to go. The horse shoe! An amazing bow like piece of land semi circling big expanse of water…

elly bones... Few of picture from the drive…





Anyway upon arrival, approximately 4 hours after the bacon feast we stuck on the idea of keep porking!

Lunch was delicious! F’ absolute favorite:

Pasta with his Chorizo Sauce.

DC_0028Here is the recipe and the story…

And this is the quick way:

Sautee chorizos in the olive oil until  crispy, add the green peppers, chili and garlic, 3 minutes later add the tin tomatoes then when it starts bubbling add the fresh tomatoes, the liquid and the olives. Before you turn the heat off sprinkle the oregano, taste and season to adjust.



Beautiful lunch with a beautiful bottle of Chardonnay in an absolute wilderness… And most beautiful people to share with…

Stay tuned we will keep porking in Mamili…



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