Fresh is the word I worship and I know I am not alone. If you can get the freshest ingredients, cooking can only take the goodness out rather than adding anything to your dish.

Our annual Mozambican trip creates the perfect medium for my raw fish celebrations.

Freshest possible Yellow Fin Tuna, King Mackerel, Natal Snoek or even Wahoo just caught.

Out of the water

to our plates.

Here are two quick and easy recipes I wrote for my friend Riani.


-slice of tuna fish (1cm thick and 20cm diameter)

-1 ripe but firm avocado, thinly sliced

-1tbs sesame oil

-1tbs light soy sauce

-1ts toasted sesame seeds

-2tbs lime juice

-1tbs green tabasco

-1ts sushi vinegar (or rice vinegar with a drop of honey)

-few sprigs of coriander to serve

Chop the tuna to 1cm cubes. Mix all the ingredients, except the coriander and the avocado, in a bowl, let it rest in the fridge for 20mn. Arrange nicely the avocado slices on a plate. Fill the middle with tuna tartar and scatter with the fresh coriander before serving. I also used chopped tomatoes to decorate.




Ceviche is the ultimate South American seafood dish. They believe the origins dating the time of the Moors in Spain then travelled with the conquistadores to Southern America. Peruvian ceviche has little touch of Japanese culture while the Chilean one is purely Spanish.

Here is my version of ceviche.

-A fillet of Queen Mackerel (20cm piece with  2 – 2,5cm thickness)

-2tbs lime juice

-1tbs lemon juice

-1tbs green tabasco

-1ts red tabasco

-few very thin slices of red onion

-salt and pepper to taste (Himalayan salt crystals and pink pepper corn would give the touch of color to compliment the red onion)

-extra virgin cold press olive oil (the fruityness of the cold press helps lifting the taste of the fish)

-toasted sourdough bread to accompany (cool-ish)

Wrap the fish fillet tightly with cling film and refrigerate for 20 minutes in the freezer (it is not for freezing but for firming).

Slice the fish fillet thinnest possible. Mix the citrus juices and tabascos well and cover the fish slices with the mixture for an hour. If it is not totally submerged in the liquid please remember to turn the fish after the first half an hour. You will see the half translucent fish slices will change to an almost cooked look. Take each slice out of the marinade and shake to get rid of excessive sourness. Arrange the delicate slices on to a plate decorate with red onion slices then season with generous amount of pepper and mean-ish salt. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis ceviche we prepared in Canda (Xai Xai) is on the visually poor side because we did not have any red onion or pink peppercorn… We have just scattered some coriander leaves to create a contrast…

Bon Appetit!









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