From my childhood to my F years, let’s say between age 6 to 36, camping was not a word I would easily find in my textbook.

Then I met F, fell in love with him then I met his great friend Stephen and camping became a word I am very familiar with. So familiar that I almost have an itch if I don’t cook on an open field at least once in every 6 months.


Last year we had a fabulous trip to Caprivi Strip, Namibia.

It is an absolute paradise on earth.

First we stayed in Mamili National Park

This park has no facilities but gives you an incredible experience of the wilderness. While we were having dinner under a Sausage Tree were watching the elephants feeding on one side and the hippos fighting on the other side.

I said no facilities so here F is going on a water fill minding the crocs and the hippos.


As I mentioned we camped under a Sausage tree which was NOT fruiting yet but bloomed with beautiful velvety blood-red flowersIMG_8996That’s the reason it is called sausage tree and this woody fruits are very heavy!


DC_0039Those gorgeous flowers  smell heavenly. We ended up with sticky tents but we really did not care because it is at least 3 or 4 degrees cooler under the trees and the heat was not unbearable but was on the hot side of the thermometer.

After setting up the campsite the first evening we could go only as far as first G&T s. Then a simple stew prepared and kept frozen until the day of great exhaustion came. A cup of coffee and a Lindt with a touch of chili before the bed. Then we slept almost like a baby while the hyenas  were roaming around, not too close but close enough to hear them.


The next day we wake up with the sunrise. Revived the fire. Rigged up the camp shower and enjoyed the river water rested next to the camp fire all night. Cool enough to wake you up and warm enough to not make you sick.

DC_0037Ralph made the coffee, F made the tea, Vivienne cooked a delicious breakfast on the fire and I, well drank and ate all and did nothing but packing the picnic lunch and planning the evenings meal.

To be continued……………..


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