The other day when I was shopping I decided to give a try to an ordinary chicken instead of a free range one. %40 price difference was not that small after all. But my little subject of experiment, although it was shorter on the cooking time, turned out to be a big mistake on the taste department. The texture was interesting, almost fish like. The taste was strangely bland, my marinade did not save the show without the help of the poor chick. A beautifully wasted bbq chicken evening!

Conclusion: I am not in favor of organic chicken because I can not taste or smell the difference. So why to pay 2.5 times more? But will never ever try again a “factory” farm chicken. Full stop!

Since this meal didn’t go very well there is no point to put a picture.

But this one did definetely worked to save the night!

Mix a cup of yogurt with a tea spoon of corn starch and add 50gr of white chocolate warm it up on the bain marie until the chocolate is melted and mixed well with the yogurt. Pour the mixture into two cold glass and chill. Once set serve with a fruit of your choice and a dollop of double cream. 


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