When I was working 24/7 the breakfast was the biggest luxury. Some stolen mornings having breakfast at the corner cafe with my sister was truly special.

That was back in Istanbul.

Since I am in SA and not working regularly, week days breakfast is a must thanks to F. He would never leave for work before having his toast and marmalade. Oh and 2 cups of Earl Grey with milk of course!

The corner cafe and breakfast with my sister are parts of my Turkish life which I still enjoy big time when I am back for holidays.

When it comes to daily breakfast, toast is OK, although I miss daily baked fresh white loaf, but marmalade is NO NO! in my book. Fresh orange is king, anything cooked with orange is NO NO!  They say that I cook the best “duck” a l’orange. I simply follow my insticts because I never tasted the sauce. Anyway you will witness more of my antics along the line so try to get on with this. Let’s go back to the breakfast. My favorite breaky would be the big Turkish “village breakfast”. Here is the list:

A local cheese platter, with mature Kashkaval, full fat white cheese and fresh goat cheese preferably, black and green olives, sour cherry jam, yellow butter, honey and traditional fresh cream with walnuts, tomato and pepper scrambled eggs “menemen”, fried “sucuk” (type of sausage), watermelon or grapes all accompanied by very freshly baked warm white bread and “simit” sort of a bagel with sesame seeds. And a well brewed Turkish tea of course… Oh yesss!

Hellas! There is no corner cafe serving Turkish breakfast near!by I live. So what do I do? When ever I have time and find participant around I replicate those heavenly breakfasts using whatever I can find Still trying to convert South Africans…


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  1. That corner cafe is a history now… so sorry…

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