Slowly but surely we are sinking in to the winter. Oh I can hear you saying “You live in Africa what winter?” And I will say I am living in South Africa and we are very close to South Pole if you know what I mean… And of course Johannesburg is a city with an “altitude”.

Anyway winter or not I am cold very cold in fact. So I had to do something to warm my self up a bit. How about a fire?

And a BBQ!

Braai as we say in South Africa. Boerevors and sweetcorn because a braai is not real if there is no boerie&mielie. Plus piri piri chicken of course because I want to warm up and what is better than a hot hot marinade to put your frozen body on fire. Don’t forget the salad, F would never sit for dinner without a salad.

Here we go… Early winter warmers!


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