Baking is not my forte. Sticking to the rules part is bothering me a lot. When it comes to the pudding I much prefer “quickly put together” one. But of course I would bake on demand. Apple pie, pear and almond tart or F’s beloved scones. Oh by the way, a delicious “scones and strawberry jam” recipe is on its way shortly.

But today’s matter is rice pudding. A baked one! That’s one thing I would make with no fuss at all. Actually browning the top of the pudding should not count as baking don’t you think?

Baked Rice Pudding ( Turkish, Sakizli firin sutlac ) With Cinnamon Ice Cream

Rice pudding

1 lt full cream milk

1 cup round grain rice ( I use sushi rice here, baldo rice in Turkey )

2 cups water

1 tbs corn starch

1 ts rice flour ( if you cannot find use 1 and half tbs corn starch altogether )

1/2 cup cold water to dissolve the starch

4 pieces of Mastic ( a type of gum )or a shot glass of ouzo

1.5 cup of sugar (to adjust)

200 ml thick cream

1 ts good vanilla extract

Wash the rice well with cold water and put it in a pan with 2 cups of cold water. Cook for 15 to 20 mn. until cooked but not melted. Add the cold milk, sugar and the starch you dissolve in half a cup of cold water, cook until it starts bubbling while stirring constantly. Once he pudding is thickened turn the heat down very low, add the cream and the mastic ( or the ouzo) and check if you are happy with the sugar ( add more if you feel like ), stir well.

Put your oven to 230′ .  Divide the mixture in to 8 ramekins or any oven proof dishes. Let your pudding cool down a bit and form a skin on top (if you don’t wait for the skin to form you will face a very messy job, because the pudding will rise and over board).

Arrange the ramekins in to an oven tray, fill with some water to cover the recipients half way. Put the tray on to the second top shelf of the oven and bake until brown.

You must be very careful while you baking the rice pudding. I suggest, don’t go far from your kitchen, because the browning time to the burning time is actually a split second.

Serve your pudding well chilled ( my way ) or warm-ish with this cheeky cinnamon ice cream.

Cinnamon Ice cream Cheat

500 ml good quality vanilla ice cream

3  ts cinnamon powder

2 tbs rum

Let the ice cream get soft and mix in the food processor for few minutes with the cinnamon and rum.  Chill back in the freezer and serve with your rice pudding.

Bon appetit!




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