Amarula Farm, our little escapade from the city to the countryside. An hour and a quarter, real short drive for embracing the beautiful African sky. Long walks, short walks, rock pools to cool down, bon fire to warm up, glass after glass of good wine, faboulous meals, fantastic companions, no body really wants to come back.

Especially Pashmina my Blue Heller- Husky cross 4 legged daughter. After running free on that vast land she can not understand why she has to come back to our little garden.

Usually we leave Joburg around 2 pm and stop for a little shopping en route at the farm stall out of Hartbeespoort Dam. Thay always have the best seasonal fruit and vegetable at a great price. It always worth popping.

We have a rule with S&V ( the fabulous couple we share the most beautiful havens) first arriving couple take care of the first drinks.

S’ favourite is Martini, ours is Margarita. This is My Dirty Martini recipe. Steve prefers his clean!

Dirty Martini (serves 4)

4 shots of Gin

4 shots of dry Vermouth (or Martini)

1 shot of olive  juice ( the oily, tangy juice from the olive jar)

12 olives (green cocktail olives usually but this time we only had some Mission olives)

few thin slices of lemon zest to decorate


Shake everything other than the olives and lemon zest. Drain the mixture into the well chilled Martini glasses then drop three olives into each glass and decorate with the lemon zest. Cheers!

After chilling with our drinks for a while and enjoying this view:

We start preparing the dinner.

S and I we are the designated cooks.

V is usually busy with the youngest member of the clan but she helps us with everything as much as L let her do.

F is the pyromaniac, he prefers the title of  “brai master” though.

We usually eat and drink too much the first night and hardly menage to see 10 o’clock. We hit the bed and sleep like a log.

The saturday mornings are always shocking I mean the state of the kitchen is really really shocking.  We try to clean up before we start messing up again, this time for the breakfast.

Fruit salad, yogurt, toast and marmelade (orange marmelade and F! will tell you later…), sometimes scones, cream and strawberry jam.

Coffee for the boys, tea for the girls

In this fruit salad I used pineapple, raspberry, kiwi and pomegranate with a touch of honey and lime juice and a dollop of Greek yogurt.

Once the breakfast is over it’s time to burn the calories of the last night. 5 minutes drive and 35 minutes moderate walk and here we are!

The waterfalls and the rock pools.

Life is sooo gooooood! 

I must tell you about the food but I want to leave it to another day if you don’t mind.


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