I never ever can say no to a cup of soup. In winter to warm up  in summer to cool down… Creamy, clear, stewy, made with fresh greens, legumes, fruit or offal… You name it I love it!

This beetroot soup is everybody’s favorite.

Add a little touch of pink to your table and be fashionable at all seasons!


-6 boiled and peeled beetroot

-1 cup of Bulgarian or Turkish yogurt

-1 cup of vegetable stock (no fat at all)

-1/2 cup of water

-2 tbs. crème fraiche

-Few sprigs of French chives

-Salt and pepper to season

          Cut the beetroots to small chunks and put them in a mixing bowl. Add the yogurt, the stock and the water and wiz until very smooth in texture. Season and add the crème fraiche, wiz again. Serve in small shot glasses or espresso cups with a sprig of chive half in half out.


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